Withdrawing From OnlineNaira

To make a withdrawal, login and click on WITHDRAW on the top menu. Enter the amount to withdraw, choose a withdrawal method and submit.

The minimum amount we allow for withdrawal is N2000 ($4).

Withdrawal Methods Available.

Your withdrawal will usually go into your local bank or mobile wallet.  To do a withdrawal, login and click on WITHDRAW, enter amount you would like to withdraw, choose how quickly you want your money from 3 options and submit.  For Mobile Money, be sure to add your mobile money account to your wallet. Login and click on SETTINGS, click on Bank Accounts and add your Mobile Wallet information; enter mobile wallet phone number instead of bank account number.

Fees - Please remember that withdrawal fees are taken from the money you send to your bank and not from your remaining account balance.

Withdrawal Options - We offer 3 withdrawal options - Cash In Minutes, Cash Today and Next Day. See our fees page here.
Cash in minutes would usually be completed within a few minutes.

Bank Details - OnlineNaira does not need your international banking details such as SWIFT/BIC if you are withdrawing to a bank in Africa.
For Payouts into Bank, we need your local bank account, bank name and your name in the bank.
For Pay-outs into Mobile Money, we need your network provider's name, mobile number and your name.

List of Payment Options in African Countries:

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