The OnlineNaira WITHDRAW MONEY App is probably the single most important module in the OnlineNaira Payment Gateway. It is the reason a lot of people use OnlineNaira as they would like to make a withdrawal so there is money in their bank account in order to live the life they want; the very reason they are in business. To make a withdrawal, all we ask you to do is login and click on WITHDRAW MONEY. You will then enter the amount to withdraw, choose a withdrawal method and submit.

The minimum amount we allow for withdrawal is N4000.

Withdrawal Destinations - Here's a reminder on the ways you could withdraw money from OnlineNaira. All monies in your OnlineNaira account could be withdrawn whenever you have a need for it and into any of the following:

OnlineNaira Certification - You need to certify your account in order to keep using OnlineNaira and to do a withdrawal. Our compliance requirement specifies that we must keep certified details of every user. Click here to certify your account now.

Fees - Please remember that withdrawal fees are taken from the money you send to your bank and not from your remaining account balance.

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