Withdrawing From OnlineNaira

To make a withdrawal, login and click on WITHDRAW. Enter the amount to withdraw, choose a withdrawal method and submit.

The minimum amount we allow for withdrawal is N2000 ($4).

Withdrawal Methods Available.

Your withdrawal will usually go into your local bank account.  To do a withdrawal, login and click on WITHDRAW, enter amount you would like to withdraw, choose how quickly you want your money from top 3 options and submit.

Fees - Remember that withdrawal fees are taken from the money you send to your bank and not from your wallet balance. See our fees page here.

Withdrawal Options - We offer 3 withdrawal options - Cash In Minutes, Cash in Hours and Cash Today.

  1. Cash in Minutes would usually be completed within a few minutes.
  2. Cash in Hours would usually be completed within 2 hours.
  3. Cash Today would usually be completed within 4 hours.
Bank Details - OnlineNaira does not need your international banking details such as SWIFT/BIC if you are withdrawing to a bank in Africa.
For Payouts into Bank, we need your local bank account number, bank name and your name in the bank.
For Pay-outs into Mobile Money, we need your network provider's name, mobile number and your name.

List of Payment Options in African Countries:

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