Hello {NAME},

If you are like Bobo, you would leave your password the same for months and thus leave your online life open to HACKERS to keep trying and trying unitl they get in and take over your online life. However, you should decide to be like Bello who has been listening to the news lately and now understand that PASSWORDS should be changed regularly and thus makes their online activities safer.

If someone stubbles on your password by mistake, your next change will ensure the password they have becomes useless.

It is also a good idea to access your accounts online to be sure no changes have been made to your account since your last access and together with service providers ensure your online accounts are safe today and remain safe at all times.

Why not go ahead and change your OnlineNaira password today and make it a point of duty to keep changing it like every 90 days or sooner if you are like me. While you are making chnages to your account, we also encourage you to keep an eye on your account balance to be sure it is what you expect. If there are any changes or unauthorised access, please feel free to chat with us or just send us an email - complaints@onlinenaira.com.

One last thing while I have your attention; I am sure you have heard the expression - if it sounds too good to be true, it most probably is. Please run away from online offers that sounds too good to be true and think three times before you part with your money as such payments may be impossible to retrieve once sent.

Have a safe and blessed weekend online.