An OnlineNaira Affiliate Question

A valued member of OnlineNaira has asked a question and we thought you'd benefit from our response in order to help you too get the best out of OnlineNaira.

Dear management, please i want to participate in your affiliate program but really am kinda confuse on the commission terms like; must i refer 100 and also how much is an average commission as from 10 people for a start.

You do not need to refer 100 people.  All we ask is that you start by referring a friend and then the next and so on.  When you have referred 5 people, we will add another 5 people to your downline as if you referred them and that is to encourage you to keep referring people to OnlineNaira.

In order to get paid, the people you refer must be using OnlineNaira.  As they use OlineNaira to send and receive money, we deduct a transaction fee from their monies and we give you 5%.  That is 5% out of the money we deduct from their transaction as fees.  There is really no magic to this; as the people you have referred send and receive with OnlineNaira, you too will make money and gradually it mounts up.

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