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We are always looking for ways to help all our members to use OnlineNaira much more easily and to help integrate it into different website platforms. Our Simple Payment Processor can be downloaded and used on your website either as part of a page or on a separate page within your website. The Processor simply allows any visitor to your website to enter a total amount either for money owed or to pay for goods or services. If you have a developer with knowledge of HTML and PHP, they could also modify the processor to do even more.

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Using the OnlineNaira processor on your website will enable to you collect money from your customers in a simple way without needing some expensive or complicated shopping cart. The person paying just enters the amount to pay and we do the rest.

Here's How It Works.
When your customer enters their purchase details into the processor and submits, they will be redirected to the Secure OnlineNaira Payment processing page where money will be taken from their OnlineNaira account balance or their Local or International Debit/Credit Card and moved into your own OnlineNaira account. As long as the payment is successful, the money is moved and you are informed of the payment instantly in email so you could take any necessary action.

If the customer does not have enough money in their OnlineNaira account, they will be able to fund their OnlineNaira account during the payment process either by making an ATM/Credit/Debit card payment or by transferring money into OnlineNaira's bank account in their own country. If the customer is not already a member of OnlineNaira, they also have an opportunity to become a member in order to complete the transaction. If your buyer is not willing to become an OnlineNaira member, they would be able to bypass OnlineNaira sign-in and pay you with a card.

With well over 350,000 people already using OnlineNaira in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, you already have a stead stream of people who will potentially buy from you.

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