OnlineNaira Update on PerfectMoney

This is a service update from OnlineNaira to let you know that we are gradually automating our processes to ensure your transactions are not only faster than with our competitors, but smoother.

The next time you bring money from PerfectMoney into OnlineNaira, you no longer need a member of staff to do that for you and you no longer need to wait for our usual 5 minutes. We have now automated the movement of money from PerfectMoney into OnlineNaira and when you carry out such transactions in future, it will appear in your OnlineNaira account instantly.We understand how frustrating it can be when you have to wait for transactions to complete, but we can assure you that we are doing all to reduce transaction times so that OnlineNaira is truely able to process over 1 Million transactions daily.

To bring money in from PerfectMoney, login into OnlineNaira, clickon DEPOSIT MONEY, enter an amount in Naira and choose PerfectMoney as the deposit method. When you submit, you woul dbe redirected to the PM interface to complete payment.

Today's Rates
Fund your PM account through OnlineNaira at N375/$ and withdraw at N355/$. To use OnlineNaira to manage your PM account, you will need to sign-up. Sign-up here now..

Tell Your Friends
OnlineNaira is here to make your Online life a lot easier and we are rewarding you for every friend you bring. Use your referral link to invite others and you'll receive 10% of any fees we deduct from their transactions for as long as they keep using OnlineNaira. Here is your referral link - The username must be your own OnlineNaira username.

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