Payment Options In OnlineNaira

Did you know that OnlineNaira gives your buyer 3 options to make payments to you:

  1. OnlineNaira Balance
  2. All Cards issued in Nigeria
  3. Paypal or International Cards

When you install the OnlineNaira Payment Processor in your website or use the OnlineNiara Button, whoever buys from you will be able to make payment to you using any of the options stated above.

OnlineNaira - If the person paying is an OnlineNaira member, they will be able to pay from their OnlineNaira balance or make a deposit into their account and then pay you. If they are not willing to pay from their OnlineNaira balance, they could also choose to pay you using any of the other payment methods. all monies paied to you in this way enters your OnlineNaira account instantly.

Cards Issued in Nigeria - The person paying does not need to have an OnlineNaira account in order to make payment to you. They have the option of paying you with any card issued in Nigeria. All successful card payments are processed securely and placed in your account in minutes.

PayPal or International Cards - We have made it possible for your customers to pay you with PayPal and any international Credit Cards.