OnlineNaira 101

Today, I am discussing how to start using the OnlineNaira and where to get help when you need it. We have decided to do this because we know that people out there, potential users and existing users will want to know more about how we provide such a great payment service that has come to be loved by over 150,000 users in Nigeria and Africa.

OnlineNaira SignupJust as in many other similar websites, the way to start using OnlineNaira is not to register until you have read as much as possible about OnlineNaira. Probably the most important part of any website is its content. Read the content to get familiar with the workings of the website so you are not asking unnecessary questions. We have spent a huge amount of time creating the content and this is the right place to start using OnlineNaira.

Before you ask any questions, go over to the HOW IT WORKS page. This page introduces you to OnlineNaira and tells you where to start, what to do and what not to do.

Go over to the FAQ (frequently asked questions) to see what answers have been provided to questions asked in the past and by other people. This can be a very valuable resource and will further inform you on the use of OnlineNaira.

I have a habit of reading website contents 2 or 3 times over to ensure I fully digest what the website is all about and the ways I can get the best out of using it.

It is also important to keep checking the website contents for changes because a lot of things are changing in the world we live in and so does the service we provide. Fees and exchange rates change without notice and one procedure or the other may have changed slightly due to new legislation. There is therefore an overwhelming weight of reason to keep coming back to check the contents of a website that matter much to you, let alone one that manages your money for you online.

Just for the purposes of our members, we have created a Help page where we have provided even more details on how to use OnlineNaira. When you login, it is the last link at the bottom left-hand corner.

It is also a good idea to send an email to us ( asking specific questions that will further reinforce your knowledge of OnlineNaira. The idea is that after reading the contents of the website including the FAQ section, you may still have questions that are specific to you and which we have not cover for some reasons.

I will therefore suggest that you go over to our website once again to read as much as possible because that is the only way to get the best out of using the OnlineNaira and as we have highlighted above.

Kayode Adesiyan, Founder & CEO.

Please get in touch with us should you require further clarifications.
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