OnlineNaira Checkout without Sign-up

Your customers can now make payments to you without signing up with OnlineNaira.

We have been listening to your feedback and have now made it possible for your customers to checkout on your website and pay with ATM, Debit or Credit Card without signing up with OnlineNaira. If a member of OnlineNaira buys from you, they also have the opportunity now to bypass OnlineNaira login and still be able to make payments with a card issued in Nigeria.

Here's how it works:
When a customer checks out from your shop with OnlineNaira, they are presented with a choice of login into OnlineNaira to make payment or paying with Card if they choose not to use any funds in their OnlineNaira account or if they do not have an OnlineNaira account.

If you are already using OnlineNaira in your checkout, it now means more people including non-OnlineNaira members can now make payment on your website. If you are yet to start using OnlineNaira to collect money on your website, now you know it would help to collect money from members and non-members of OnlineNaira.

We hope this addition helps you to sell more and please keep the feedbacks coming.

Please feel free to write to us at for more information or just have a chat with a member of staff online today.

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