Introduction To OnlineNaira

It is not surprising that some Nigerians are asking what a payment gateway does and how could OnlineNaira be of help to them. Well, here is a little explanation with the hope it further explains what we do in addition to the information we have on our website – OnlineNaira is the Payment Gateway for Africa. OnlineNaira makes it possible for every African to buy anything online and be able to make payment for it instantly.  OnlineNaira also enables website owners to receive payments on their websites in real-time.  At OnlineNaira, we think our technology is probably the most important online tool or resource that a small business needs in other to do proper business online.

If you are buying online.
Some people have said it is easier to pay into the bank account of the website owner or seller.  What if you need to make payment on 2, 3 or more websites.  Looks like you have a real job to do paying into their different bank accounts.  However, as long as there is money in your OnlineNaira account, you only need to move money into the seller’s OnlineNaira account and they release the goods to you immediately.  You no longer need to go over to the bank to make payment before the goods are released to you.  OnlineNaira makes it possible for you to make payment to as many websites as possible as long as you have the money in your OnlineNaira account.  OnlineNaira members are also probably the most valued customers online because the website owners you are making payment to already know that you have cash to spend and not paying to them from some borrowed money.  You no longer need a credit/debit card to buy anything online!

If you are selling online.
As a seller or website owner, you no longer need to give people the details of your bank account.  OnlineNaira takes payment for you online and ensures the money is paid into your bank account when you need it.  A huge number of people in Nigeria, Ghana, etc have money to spend online, but do not have the credit/debit cards required by most international websites.  OnlineNaira now makes it possible for you to take payments on your website.  Consider the millions of Africans who do not have a debit card, this market would now be able to buy from your website.

As a Seller, you no longer need to wait for bank alerts as OnlineNaira will update your inventory for you if you install our API.  To cut the long story short, OnlineNaira is the payment system every Nigerian needs to do business online.  There is no need to use a debit card and we ensure your online earnings and spends are looked after.

Here is the icing on the cake for website owners; if you sell goods online, OnlineNaira is able to automatically make changes to your database when payment is received.  This could be used to automate a lot of chores online and your website becomes more interactive and you could literarily go to sleep knowing that OnlineNaira is looking after your money and now, your inventory.

Sell In Another Country
OnlineNaira's presence in other countries has also made it possible for you to buy and sell beyond the shores of your own country. For instance, if you leave in Ghana, you can now sell goods and services to people in Nigeria knowing you will be able to receive your money through OnlineNaira.

More Information.
We also have articles and blogs written to explain OnlineNaira in a more engaging way on SN Blogs. There are already lots of information on our Facebook, Twitter pages and be sure to have a look at our FAQ page.

If you ever thought of doing business online and the thought of how to receive money for purchased goods and services put you off, now is the time to rethink.  OnlineNaira is all you need on your website!

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