Deriv Is Better With OnlineNaira

Trading on the Deriv platform is better with OnlineNaira.

Funding Deriv
To fund your Deriv account, make a deposit into your OnlineNaira wallet and then go over to Deriv and click on Deposit to complete your account funding.

Withdraw From Deriv
Automated withdrawals are currently not available through OnlineNaira on the Deriv platform, but we are working to make it available in the next few days. In the meantime, you may do a withdrawal into the payment agent - online naira currency. If the system does not allow you to withdraw into payment agent, please chat with Deriv and any restrictions would be lifted.

Deposit Limits
After you have made a few deposits, the Deriv System may say you have reached your limit on the day. Please chat with Deriv and any deposit limit would be lifted.

Tell Your Friends
Use your referral link to invite others and you'll receive 5% of any fees we deduct from their transactions for as long as they keep using OnlineNaira. Here is your referral link - The username must be your own OnlineNaira username.

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