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OnlineNaira Ship4me.

Our Ship4me Service has been designed to compliment the OnlineNaira Pay4me Service we offer. The idea is to help you with deliveries of International Purchases made through OnlineNaira.

At the time you make a purchase either online or offline, the seller will usually let you know if they are able/allowed to deliver to your African address. If they are able to deliver to you, then you do not need our Ship4me service, but our Pay4me service will help to make the payments on your behalf and within minutes.

In cases where the seller has made it clear that they cannot, will not or are not permitted due to some legislation in their country to deliver directly to your African address, then you will need our Ship4me service. The way it works is that you pay for your original purchase, the costs of delivery and our handling fee. Your goods are initially delivered to our office in Kent, United Kingdom or Maryland, United Sates and we forward to your African address.

Ship4me Fees

We charge % + NGN of your initial purchase price when you ask us to Ship your purchase from the UK/US to any address in Africa. Here is an example; let us suppose you use our Pay4me Service to pay for a product that costs $ to buy and to deliver to our UK/US Address. You will pay our handling fee of $0+NGN in addition to any delivery charges. A minimum price of NGN applies to all Ship4me transactions.

Estimate Delivery Charge

We will either use the UPS or any other courier service that we may have an agreement with in the United Kingdom or the USA.

  • Please use the following links to get an exstimate of how much it will cost from our UK address (KENT DA18 4BS) to your destination: www.ups.com
  • Please use the following links to get an exstimate of how much it will cost from our US address (Maryland MD 21117) to your destination: www.ups.com


Why do I have to use Pay4me in order to use Ship4me?
Our Ship4me service is strictly for OnlineNaira members and it is our way of making life a little easier and ensuring that the OnlineNaira service is really helping Africans to do more business. We also ask you to use our Pay4me service so we know that the money you are paying for your purchase is legitimate and we are able to defend it should there be a problem in future. We are aware that people make purchases using stolen credit/debit cards and we do not want to help such people to ship their stolen goods to Africa. Be sure to see our Pay4me service to see how OnlineNaira help its members to make payments for goods and services anywhere in the world within 5 minutes.

Why is your fee % + NGN ?
We believe that we are offering a service that will not only make life better for the average African, but will also help their businesses. We place the following at your disposal:

  • The use of our UK or US Address.
  • The use of our UK or US staff to handle your purchase and deliveries
  • Keeping you upto date all the time so you have peace of mind about your order.

All these costs money and we know your purchases are even more important.

What if my products arrive your office in bits?
We do not charge a fee for products arriving our International Addresses as we know you may not have full control over how the individual products arrive. We will keep your products as they come and ship them together except you request us to send separately. If we send them to you deparately, you will need to pay for them separately.

How Long does it take for my Products to Arrive my address?
The simple truth is that we cannot tell you how long it will take before the goods arrive our office. It is only when the goods arrive that we are able to see how heavy and what options are available to deliver to your African address.

How much will delivery cost?
We canot tell you delivery costs until we receive the goods. It is only when the goods arrive that we are able to see how heavy and what price options are available to deliver to your African address.

How do I use Ship4me?
Send us an email or have a chat with one of our staff online and we'll do all to process your delivery.

We do not compete on price, but our fees will always reflect the costs of providing Online Payment Services to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further details in respect of the fess we charge here at OnlineNaira - info@OnlineNaira.com.

Updated - 18 January 2014.

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