Product Listing with OnlineNaira

Do you have a Product to Sell or Service to offer, why not list it with OnlineNaira to give it aditional exposure for FREE?


What is Product Listing? - The OnlineNaira Product Listing Service offers a way for Sellers to list their Products and Services on the OnlineNaira website so that it becomes available for immediate purchase. At the moment we currently have 56 listings.


Adding Products - To add your own products, please login and click on Products on the left-hand menu. If you need help to add your own listing, pls feel free to chat with a member of staff.


What Can I Sell? - With OnlineNaira, you can sell virtually anything as long as it has a title, description and Price. From the smallest to the biggest items you can imagine, this is the place to list all your products for additional exposure on the internet.


Buying a Products/Service - Every product on the list comes with a title, description, price and a way to contact the seller. To buy, click on the Buy Now button and you will be able to make payment.


Making a Deposit - To make a payment for the product or service you intend to buy, you will first need to make a deposit into OnlineNaira by using either cash or card. Click here for more information on how to fund your OnlineNaira account.

Click here for the Product Listing Page.


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