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The goal at Phone A Doctor (PAD) is to invest heavily in the healthcare sector, train more Doctors to ensure Nigerians are able to buy healthcare local rather than take valuable money abroad. We have plans to work with exiting public and private healthcare providers to make more modern medical facilities available locally so that our referral service is truly the best anywhere in the world.  Phone A Doctor is designed to be your one-stop-shop for all your medical needs.  We have assembled in one website all the resources you need to adequately look after your own health and the health of the other people who depend on you. Our approach to your healthcare is really simple – YOU CALL :: WE LISTEN :: WE REFER!

PAD Phone - 0814 990 6117

When you call us, our Doctors will listen patiently to you, they will ask questions to identify what the issue is and then recommend a line of action and refer you to a proven medical resource. At Phone A Doctor, we are Customer-Centric and everything we do revolves around you – The Patient...[more].

OnlineNaira is the preferred deposit method for Nigerians to fund their Phone A Doctor account and this page is dedicated to helping you understand how best to use OnlineNaira to both FUND your PAD account.

Phone A Doctor Triage Fee Per Session: N

PAD Deposits

In order to FUND your PAD account, you will first need to make a deposit into OnlineNaira by using either cash or card.

To fund with CASH - Please login into your OnlineNaira account and click on DEPOSIT MONEY. Enter the amount you want to deposit in Naira and choose "Cash" as the deposit method.

When you submit the form, you will find link to bank account details on the following page. It is important that you start your deposit from within OnlineNaira just as described above. We charge a cash deposit fee of 2% + N250 when you pay by cash.

Alternatively, you could also make a deposit into your PAD account by making a deposit from the PAD website.

To fund with CARD - Use the form opposite to fund with any CARD issued in Nigeria. We promise to fund your account in minutes. We charge a card deposit fee of 2% + N250 when you pay by card.

PAD Phone - 0814 990 6117

Auto Funding

You can also make a deposit without a login into OnlineNaira or into PAD. Here's what to do; pay into our local bank and use your Patient ID as depositor. When we receive the money, we will update your OnlineNaira account and fund your PAD account within minutes. This service is available 24/7.

Phone A Doctor Fee Per Session: N
Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Why is my card not accepted for payment?
A - There could be many reasons why your card is not accepted for payment and it should be understood that our staff do not have control over what card is accepted. We suggest you try like 2 or 3 times as it may be due to network issues in Nigeria. If the problem persists after a few trials, please use alternative deposit methods such as Cash into Bank or Internet Banking.

Q - Could I deposit without login into OnlineNaira?
A - Yes, you can make a cash deposit and use your Patient ID as depositor in bank.

Q - Will I pay again if my call dropped while talking to a doctor?
A - No, If your call drops due to network issues or any other reasons, you just need to call again. PAD will only charge you the N500 per session irrespective of how many time you had to call back to complete a call.

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