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Our Rates: Funding - N-5/$ | Withdrawal - N-15/$ | Reserve - $245

Below is our current Neteller availability. Please click on the link below to buy Neteller.

Seller Listing

# Username(status) Amount Date Action
1 adesiyan (CERTIFIED) $245 17-01-2020 15:31 Buy all or some of this $245 stock.


Total =

$ 245

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Making a Deposit - To fund your Neteller wallet using OnlineNaira, you will first need to make a deposit into OnlineNaira by using either cash or card. Click here for more information on how to fund your OnlineNaira account.

Placing your Neteller Order - To place your Neteller order, click on the link next to the stock information above. Your Neteller account should be funded shortly after you have placed the order. If we do not have Neteller stock, pls login to add your Neteller needs to the list below. To add your Neteller needs, login and click on TOOLS, click on List eCurrency Stock and then add the amount of Neteller you need.

Withdrawing from Neteller - To do a withdrawal from your Neteller account into OnlineNaira, please log in into OnlineNaira, click on TOOLS, then click on List eCurrency Stock to add your Neteller information. As soon as your stock information is added, it will show up on this page and added to our total stock availability. As soon as you have been paid for your stock, pls edit your stock amount again. You may optionally send your neteller stock to

Getting Money in Bank - When the money shows up in your OnlineNaira account, login and click on WITHDRAW. Enter the amount you want to withdraw, choose withdrawal method and submit. We have 6 withdrawal options - 1hr, Same Day, Next Day , 3 Days, 5 Working Days and 14 Days. See our fees page here.

Neteller in Euro - We exchange euro for dollar @ 1.2/$.
Neteller in Gbp - We exchange gbp for dollar @ 1.3/$.

Buying List

# Username Amount Date
1 Aggaba72 $70 29-01-2020 12:31


Total =



Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is your Neteller email?
A. We no longer have a Neteller email. Instead, we now provide a marketplace where Sellers and Buyers meet and we facilitate the exchange. You have Neteller to sell, we get buyer(s) to buy from you. When a buyer decides to buy from you, you will automatically receive instruction to send neteller and that instruction will come with the correct email.

Q. Where do I send my Neteller?
A. After adding your Neteller stock to this page, a buyer will ask to buy your Neteller and then you will get their email to send your Neteller. Be sure to lookout for the email from OnlineNaira telling you how much to send and to what email address.

Q. How long will it take to sell my Neteller?
A. The truth is that we cannot say exactly how long it will take especially because this marketplace is new and many of our users are just getting to know this is the way we process Neteller transactions now.

Q. What rate will you buy my Neteller?
A. Our Neteller rate is N-15/$.

Q. How do I add my Neteller Stock?
A. Before you add your neteller stock to our Marketplace, you must be sure you are able to send neteller and that you have enough to send considering the fee charged by Neteller to send. Remember that you must be a verified user of neteller to send neteller to another person. To add your confirmed neteller stock, Login and click on TOOLS, click on List eCurrency Stock. Enter the amount of Neteller you have and submit.

Q. When Should I Send Neteller?
When we send you an email address to send Neteller, we expect you to send Neteller within a few minutes. If we do not get a response from you within 60mins, the transaction would be canceled.

Q. How Do You Know I Sent The Neteller?
A. After sending the correct amount to the correct Neteller email address, pls login again into OnlineNaira and click on TOOLS, then List eCurrency Stock to upload a screenshot of the completed transaction. Once this screenshot is uploaded, the buyer will see the screenshot and your account would get credited with the money. If the screenshot of the completed neteller transaction is not uploaded, the buyer will not know in good time and your payment may be delayed.


Q. When will I receive my Neteller Order?
A. When you place a Neteller order, an email is automatically sent to the Seller and they are encouraged to send your funds immediately. If the funds are not sent within 60mins, we would cancel the order and remove the seller's stock.

Q. How Do I Place My Order
A. You need to check this page at all times. When you see a stock available to buy, login and click on the Buy link next to the stock on this page. If Neteller stock is not available at the time you have a need, pls login and click on TOOLS, choose List eCurrency Stock to add your Neteller needs to the Buyer List on this page. As soon as seller has Neteller to sell, we would link Seller to buyer and a sale is complete.

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