OnlineNaira with MyClickAds

MyClickAds is by far the largest online marketplace for advertiser and publishers in Nigeria and we are delighted that you can fund your Advertiser account with OnlineNaira. 

Every MyClickAds Advertiser is able to use PPC or CPM with Text and/or Banner Ads served on a network of over 2,000 websites to promote their websites or businesses.

MyClickAds Publisher accounts offer an equal share of profit and Website owners are invited to join our network. It does not matter what you currently do with your website, come and learn how to boost your income from your web pages with ads from MyClickAds by showing text/banner ads which are most relevant to your site content.


There are two ways to fund MyClickAds account.

Funding within MyClickAds
Ths is the method we recomment and by far the easiest way to ensure your advertiser account is funded instantly. Here's how to do it:

Funding from OnlineNaira
This method is the alternative and will take a few minutes to get your account funded. To send money to MyClickAds from within OnlineNaira, login and click on SEND MONEY, choose the first option (send payment to another OnlineNaira member) and enter CLICKADS in the space for "Send money to". Enter an amount to send and provide your MyClickAds username in the space for description and submit the form.

Withdrawing money from MyClickAds
As a Publisher in MyClickAds, there will be a time you have acrued enough money and would like to do a withdawal. If you are withdrawing using OnlineNaira, here's what to do:

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