Merchant Information

This page describe the services we offer to our merchants, how we handle merchant wallets and additional resources available in our API:

  1. Onboarding
  2. Deposit
  3. Pay-outs
  4. Merchant Support
  5. Funding Options
  6. Settlement
  7. KYC
  8. Why OnlineNaira


The following are the procedures involved to onboard OnlineNaira Merchant Program:

  1. Sign-up
    Start with a sign-up here.

  2. Username
    Choose a username that looks like your business name.
    When you have signed-up, tell us your username and we will upgrade your account to Merchant.
    As soon as your account is upgraded, you will have access to all our merchant recourses.

  3. API Credentials
    To authenticate your API installation, you need API credentials.
    Login and click on SETTINGS, click on Generate API Keys.
    Provide your API credentials to your developer.

  4. API Install
    Be sure to tell your developer the different API extensions you want including Send-money, Pay-outs, etc.

  5. Test Install
    Ask us for a test account.

  6. Go Live



There are 3 ways for your customers to fund their accounts through OnlineNaira:

  1. eWallet
    eWallet is the default way for all users to fund their accounts with you.
    They sign-up for a wallet and all their transactions go through the wallet.
    When you install our basic API, you have eWallet.

  2. Direct Payment
    If you choose Direct Payment, your users will be able to make a first payment to you without having to login into their OnlineNaira wallet.
    Please ask us to enable Direct Payments if you want your customers to pay without OnlineNaira wallet. It must be noted that if you plan to process Pay-outs through OnlineNaira, your users would need a wallet.

  3. Pay by PIN
    This is the way for third party payment processors to use OnlineNaira as a payment engine.
    OnlineNaira will not be part of your customer's payment experience, but be on the background.
    If you are a merchant, this payment method does not apply to you.



Pay-out is the process of sending money to your customers. We offer the following resources to handle Pay-outs:

  1. Manual Pay-outs
    Manual payouts is the default way to send money to your customers. To do manual pay-outs, please login and click on SEND, then Pay OnlineNaira user.

  2. Automated Pay-outs
    We offer you a way to handle pay-out through API.
    This gives you a more efficient option to handle pay-outs without login into OnlineNaira.
    When your users do a withdrawal from your platform, the withdrawal would remain in a Pending state until your authorised staff approves the withdrawal. Once the withdrawal is approved, the money will automatically move from your Wallet to the customer's wallet. See how we handle withdrawals into Customer's bank or mobile money here.

  3. BankErrand
    Some customers prefer to have their money directly in bank and this option has been added to our API.
    To extend your API installation with this option, you will need to add Pay-out to User's bank.

  4. Pay User's Withdrawal Fees
    This is a resource many of our merchants have requested - to pay withdrawal fees for their customer.
    To do this in OnlineNaira you will need to install the API extension -


Merchant Support

OnlineNaira offer support to all merchants in several ways:

  1. Chat Apps
    Our technical staff are available on Skype, WhatsApp and Telegram. We have a dedicated group chat with each merchant.

  2. API Support
    Our development staff are available in all the Chat Apps.
    They are waiting daily to offer API support.

  3. Email Support
    Please feel free to contact us in email -
    This is the preferred email for all our merchants.


Here are the key features of our settlement:.

  1. Anytime
    We let you request settlement anytime and without prior notice.

  2. No Threshold
    You do not need a minimum amount in your wallet to request settlement and we do not require a rolling reserve.

  3. Any international Bank
    You will be able to request settlement into any bank in any country and using SEPA.
    To request settlement, login and click on WITHDRAW, choose Any International bank.

  4. Settlements by Cryptocurrency is faster with Bitcoins or USDT.
    Login and click on TOOLS and then Crypto rates.

  5. Currency
    Please feel free to display any of these 3 currencies - $, £ or €.


Funding Options

We offer the following local funding options in all the countries we cover:

  1. Cash into Bank
    Cash depositing over the bank counter in virtually all the countries we cover.

  2. Online Banking
    Customers are able to make local deposits through online banking.

  3. All Cards
    We accept all cards issued in Africa - ATM, Debit and Credit cards.

  4. Mobile Money
    We accept mobile money in several countries
    - USSD in Nigeria, Mobile money in Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Mpesa in Kenya, etc.

  5. Local Agents
    We have our own network of agents who receive cash locally and we also partner with a network of independent agents in different African countries.



Every wallet we issue in OnlineNaira must be certified through our KYC program.
We expect all users including merchants to certify as this is a compliance issue.
To certify, we expect to see 2 forms of ID - Photo ID and Address document.
See all the details here.


20 Reasons to Partner with OnlineNaira

Here are the key features of our settlement:.

  1. Easy Onboarding
    We offer a simple sign-up form so you can get started quickly.

  2. Any international Bank
    Request settlement into any international bank, anytime and no threshold.

  3. Currency
    Sell with any of these 3 currencies - $, £ or €, but customers pay with their local currency.

  4. Payment Engine
    We offer Pay by PIN to 3rd party payment processors.

  5. Coverage
    We offer collections and pay-outs in all of sub-Saharan Africa.

  6. Direct Payments
    Your customers can optionally make payments to you without Wallet.

  7. Multiple Funding Options
    We improve funding downtime with multiple funding options in each country we cover.

  8. Customer Services
    We have friendly staff looking after payments 24/7, so you don't have to.

  9. No Charge-back
    We do KYC for all our users and that reduces the need for charge-back.

  10. Fast Merchant Support
    Our merchants are top priority and our technical staff prioritises your support as such.

  11. Automated Pay-outs
    All our merchants are able to automate payouts through API.

  12. Pay-out without Deposit
    Send money to your customers, even when they did not make a deposit you through OnlineNaira.

  13. Pay-outs Direct to Bank
    We have API option to do pay-outs directly into customer's bank account in any African country.

  14. No-Fee Pay-outs
    We do not charge a fee for pay-outs

  15. Additional Pay-out Checks
    When you do pay-out over and above a threshold, we check with you again to confirm before releasing funds.

  16. Mobile Apps For Africans
    We have both Android and iOS Apps and our website is mobile centric to serve Africans.

  17. Pay Customer Fees
    With us, you can choose to pay customer fees through API.

  18. Customer Funds
    Your customer funds are safe because all withdrawals into customer bank or mobile money are done manually.

  19. Roadmap
    We are working on a new project to implement true local currency.

  20. Creative Team
    Our team is highly motivated, flexible and ready to change code to offer best-in-class African payment solution.

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