OnlineNaira Account Access

OnlineNaira's approach to account security is changing and rightly so; we are listening to you and have made new changes as you would expect. The idea behind this new approach is to increase your confidence in the OnlineNaira Platform.

Previously, we made the use of a 2nd factor login in emails a compulsory part of your everyday login, but we received a huge number of complaints that many of our users were not receiving the emails that contained the necessary code to authenticate logins. Today, we have decided to make the use of a second factor code optional. This means that you can continue to request 2nd factor codes in email if you are comfortable with them, but you will need to enable this from your profile page the next time you login successfully.

If you choose not to use second factor, we would ask you a security question to confirm your login. This means you need to set a security question and answer in your profile page the next time you login so that you are able to login without issues. If you forget your security question, you will be able to request it at the point of login.

Download Google Authenticator
The Google authenticator is an App that allows you to generate a code. This code is the extra bit of information you need to login into your OnlineNaira account to make your account more secure and that is if you have enabled 2nd Factor in your profile page. Here is how to do it:
These are the steps to get the 2nd Factor code.
It is important to note that you only need to download the Google App once and after that, you will always need the 6-digit code from your phone to authorise login on the OnlineNaira website. Now, that is what we call a secure login!

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