Forex Trading with OnlineNaira
Sell Rate: N0/$ | Buy Rate: -20/$

OnlineNaira is the place to manage your Forex account. We are able to manage all your DEPOSIT and WITHDRAWAL and also offer a way for you to manage your transactions on one page.

If your Forex broker does not already accept OnlineNaira as a Deposit/Withdrawal method, we are still able to place funds in any other payment gateway that they accept. For instance, if your broker accepts Neteller, but does not already accept OnlineNaira, we could place funds in Neteller so you fund your broker with the funds in the Neteller account. Same goes for PerfectMoney, PayPal and any other Payment Methods accept by your broker.

Below is a list of the Forex Brokers you would be able to fund directly from your OnlineNaira account. If your preferred Forex Company is not listed on this page, please see our eCurrency page to use any of the Currencies listed and we should fund you within 5mins where stock is available.

   IRONFX   FXGIANTS   HIWAYFX      InstaForex      LiteForex   Cooperation With OnlineNaira    SuperForex    IronTrade   DBSMARKETS DBSMARKETS

Are You A Trader?

If you trade Forex and your broker is not listed here, why not let them know that you would like to process your transactions with OnlineNaira? With us, you will be able to make deposits in your local currencies, pay money into a local bank, do a wire transfer to us and we fund your forex account. When you receive money from your broker, we would process that money into your local bank. You no longer need to sign-up with other payment gateways just to manage your forex account. If you are not already a member of OnlineNaira, sign-up here now.

Are You a Broker?

If you'd like to be listed on this page so that our users could send money to you from 33 African Countries including Nigeria, please get in touch with us now. We have a simple API that you can use to automate both deposits/withdrawals and we are confident OnlineNaira is all you need to increase your reach in Africa. If you are looking for a deeper integration, our developers are able to work with you to automate the addition of your users to the OnlineNaira secure database so they do not need to go through sign-up again in OnlineNaira.

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