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OnlineNaira with Floral Investment

Latest Development With Floral Investment.

OnlineNaira Refunds New Depositors
24 May 2017

In an attempt to reduce the pain of Floral’s default on our users, OnlineNaira has begun refunding monies to the most recent depositors. These are users who made deposits after or just before we closed Floral’s account. We will continue to pay this monies until we exhaust Floral’s closing balance.

It must be understood that this refund process is no guarantee that every new Floral Customer will get their money back. While Floral used OnlineNaira as their payment gateway, we offered our services and we processed all payments in a timely manner.

OnlineNaira cannot and is not paying any capital, principal or profits or any other payments you expected from Floral as we are not party to any agreements you signed with Floral.

We hope to complete this process by Friday, 26 May.


Floral Investment Account Is Now Closed
22 May 2017

OnlineNaira has closed Floral Investment's Account from 12 noon today. This means Floral Investment no longer has an account with OnlineNaira and we are no longer able to process payments for them. This has become necessary for the following reasons:

  1. A huge number of their customers who sent money to them through OnlineNaira have complained of breaches to the agreement they signed with Floral.
  2. Floral has refused to respond to our email requiring them to take certain actions.

We have now sent Floral an email to let them know their account is closed and also to let them know how we plan to disburse their account balance.

It is important to mention here that we do not have any outstanding obligations as far as floral customers are concerned. If you have issues with floral, now is the time to contact floral on their website.

What Next?
We have now begun to reverse all payments made by Floral to users who did not send money to Floral using OnlineNaira in the first place.  This will ensure we have as much money as possible to send back to users who sent money to Floral using OnlineNaira. This process is expected to take a couple of days.

All future developments in respect of Floral would be added to this page.


Floral Investment Update
21 May 2017

We have waited for Floral Investment to reply to our emails in which we stated clearly the actions they needed to take in order to get their account active again, but we have not received a reply from them as at 7am this morning. While we have sent them a reminder, we are here setting out a course of action should they default.

If we do not receive a response from Floral by 12:01pm on Monday, they would have breached the contract they had with their users and their OnlineNaira account would be closed. In the event of account closure, we would declare their closing account balance on this page and we would disburse the money according to the following criteria:

  1. We would complete the cancellation of monies Floral sent to people who did not make a deposit to Floral from within OnlineNaira.
  2. We would process a refund to people whose money has not been sent to Floral.
  3. If there is any money left after processing refunds to all those whose money were not sent to Floral, we would refund all those who sent money to Floral from within OnlineNaira, but never received money from Floral.

It is important to remember that we are not Floral and were are not a party to the contract you signed with Floral when you started with them. The monies we plan to send back to users in the event of a default is only based on what we see happening within OnlineNaira. When the monies left in their account after closure is exhausted, we would no longer be in a position to payout any more monies.

OnlineNaira is a payment gateway (we send and receive money) and our contract starts with you when you ask us to send money and stops when you confirm the recipient has received the money. If the recipient decides not to honour any agreements you had with them, it is totally between both of you. This is the reason you must do due diligence before deciding to send money to anyone.


Profit Cancellations
19 May 2017

OnlineNaira has begun reversing payments made by Floral to users who did not make a deposit to Floral from within OnlineNaira. This is to ensure there is as much money as possible made available to people who made a deposit with OnlineNaira in the event of a default. Be assured that we are monitoring the situation and we will publish further updates on this page.

If there were no issues with our relationship with Floral, we would have allowed all such Floral payments to stand. However, we are unable to allow these payments by Floral to people who made deposits to Floral using other payment gateways as we have a duty to look after the interests of those who paid Floral through OnlineNaira first.

If we have canceled a payment you received from Floral in the last few hours, then you would need to contact floral to send your money through the other payment channel you used to pay them in the first place. If Floral resumes payments by Monday, 22 May, these payments would be allowed once again.


Floral Account In OnlineNaira Is Now Suspended
18 May 2017

We have had to suspend Floral's account in OnlineNaira as we did not receive a reply to an earlier email. Account suspension means Floral is no longer able to access their account within OnlineNaira until all the conditions in the email are met.

It is important to note that we have not frozen Floral's account and that is because we believe they need time to respond to our email. If Floral does not respond to the email we sent to them by the Monday, 22 May, we would declare Floral to have defaulted on their agreement to all who did business with them through the OnlineNaira platform.

In the meantime, pls do not make a deposit into Floral's account as it would not be accepted.


OnlineNaira Suspend Deposits into Floral Account
17 May 2017

This is to formally inform you that we have temporarily stopped all Floral related  deposits. OnlineNaira will not allow any more deposits into the floral investment  account in OnlineNaira until Floral has met the following conditions:

  • Floral needs to restart their chat and discuss issues with their users.
  • Floral needs to take their phone calls and allow users to  discuss their issue.
  • Pay all outstanding profits so that  there are no more complaints of delayed profit.
  • Send an email to all their users to let them know exactly why their profits were  delayed and when they will receive all profits as  promised.

We are sorry, but we had no choice but to take this action to protect the  integrity of OnlineNaira Payment Gateway and the interests of our members. It is important to remind you that in the last 7 days, Floral  processed withdrawals daily and people were paid. However, we have had to temporarily pause deposits as the number of  complaints increased from those who were no longer receiving  payments.

Pls do not make any further deposits into Floral's account as we are no  longer accepting such deposits until Floral meets the  conditions above. Should you need further clarifications, pls send an email to complaints@onlinrnaira.com as  Floral issues will not be discussed in chat or over the  phone.

OnlineNaira Suspend Floral Withdrawals Into International Bank
16 May 2017

As a result of increasing complaints from Floral Investors, we have taken the unprecedented step of suspending Floral's ability to withdraw monies into their International Bank account. This is a temporary measure to allow Floral's Management to respond to an email demanding action from them. Most complaints were related to late profit payments.


If you have any questions or seek further clarifications, pls send an email to us at compliants@onlinenaira.com


Floral investment company was established in 2013. Currently, the company has about 1,000 partner investors worldwide. Floral Investment’s primary goal is to develop a favorable investment climate online in flower industry, assist investors who want to make money, establish and improve online investment processes.

OnlineNaira is the preferred deposit method for Africans to fund Floral Investment accounts and this page is dedicated to helping you to understand how best to use OnlineNaira to both FUND your Investment Account and to process WITHDRAWALS.

Todays $ Rates: Deposit - N/$ | Minimum Deposit - $

Click Here For more Floral Investment Details.

Making a Deposit

In order to FUND your Floral Investment Account, you will first need to make a deposit into OnlineNaira by using either cash into bank, bank transfer or card payment.

To fund with CASH - Please login into your OnlineNaira account and click on DEPOSIT MONEY. Enter the amount you want to deposit in Naira and choose the deposit method you prefer. When you submit the form, you will find link to bank account details on the following page. It is important that you start your deposit from within OnlineNaira just as described above. We charge a cash deposit fee of % + N when you pay by cash or bank transfer.

Africa Deposits
If you are making a deposit from other African countries, pls use your naira account to make deposits. When you are ready to make a deposit into OnlineNaira, please login and click on DEPOSIT MONEY. Enter the amount you want to deposit and choose Cash Deposit as deposit option. Submit the form to see the amount to deposit, the Ecobank details for your country and then click on CONTINUE to finish.

Funding Floral Investment

In order to fund your Floral Investment Account, login into your Floral Investment Account and click on "Make a Deposit". Choose the "Naira" as the Payment System, choose Deposit Plan and enter amount to deposit as shown in the image opposite. Click Continue to proceed. Confirm your deposit details and click on "CONFIRM". When you submit, you will be redirected to OnlineNaira where you would be able to complete payment using your OnlineNaira username and password.

Withdrawing from Floral Investment Account

For withdrawals from your Floral Investment Account, provide your wallet id. Your wallet id is your OnlineNaira Username. Floral Investment processes your withdrawal into your OnlineNaira account automatically. When the money enters your account, you would automatically receive an alert and you would then be able to login into OnlineNaira to do a withdrawal into your own bank account.

Auto Funding

We are also able to process your deposits into your Floral Investment Account without a need to login into your OnlineNaira account or Floral Investment Website. To do auto funding, you no longer need to make a deposit into our local bank and use both your OnlineNaira Username and Floral Investment Account email address as depositor. When we receive the money, we will update your OnlineNaira account and fund your Floral Investment Account within 5 minutes.

Withdrawal From OnlineNaira

To withdraw from OnlineNaira, you need to login and click on WITHDRAW MONEY. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and choose how quickly you would like to have your money and submit.

Todays $ Rates: Deposit - N/$

Click Here For more Floral Investment Details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Why is my card not accepted for payment?
A - There could be many reasons why your card is not accepted for payment and it should be understood that our staff do not have control over what card is accepted. We suggest you try like 2 or 3 times as it may be due to network issues in Nigeria. If the problem persists after a few trials, please use alternative deposit methods such as Cash into Bank or Internet Banking.

Q - Do I need to sign-up to fund my Floral Investment Account
A - Yes, you need to sign-up with OnlineNaira in order to fund your binary account. When you sign-up, you will be able to manage your details, manage your many deposits and withdrawals. Signing up also means we look after your interests in the event something goes wrong with whoever you make payment to through OnlineNaira.

Q - Could I get my withdrawal in my bank account?
A - Oh yes. When you do a withdrawal from Floral Investment, it goes into your OnlineNaira account. As soon as the money enters your own OnlineNaira account, you will be able to withdraw it into your own bank account.

Q - Could I use your dollar account for floral?
A - Oh yes. We are able to process your deposits into Floral if you make a dollar deposit into a dollar account with us. However, Floral would still accept in Naira and pay your profits into your naira account.

Q - Could I deposit without login into OnlineNaira?
A - Oh yes. When you make a cash deposit into our bank account, be sure to add both your OnlineNaira Username and your Floral Investment Account email address. Doing that will ensure we are able to fund both your OnlineNaira and Floral Investment Account within minutes.

Q - Is OnlineNaira a part of Floral Investment?
A - No. OnlineNaira is not part of Floral Investment and we are not in a position to advice you of the merits of an investment in Floral Investment. You must do your due diligence before making a decision to make payment to anyone online including Floral Investments. OnlineNaira is a Payment Gateway and eCurrency Exchanger for Africa. We serve anyone looking to send and receive money.

Q. What is my Wallet Id/Number?
A - Your wallet id or number is your OnlineNaira username or email address. If the profit you are expecting is not in your OnlineNaira acocunt, it means Floral has not placed your money in OnlineNaira. If the status in Floral says "paid" and it is still not in your account, then you just need to wait for them to place your money in your OnlineNaira account. If your money does not appear in your account within 24hrs, get in touch with Floral to ask. OnlineNaira does not know when, how or what you get paid by Floral.

Q. How long does it take OnlineNaira to confirm payment from Floral?
A - OnlineNaira does not confirm payments from Floral. Instead, Floral puts your money directly into your OnlineNaira account by themselves. This helps Floral to know into what OnlineNaira account to pay your withdrawals.

Q. Where could I find more Answers?
A - Please visit the Floral Investment website FAQ

Q. Does OnlineNaira make any profit from my Investment?
A - No. OnlineNaira takes a deposit fee when you make a deposit into OnlineNaira. We also take a withdrawal fee when you make a withdrawal. We do not make a profit from your Floral investments and we do not have shares or profit arrangement with Floral Investment. Just as Floral Investment is using OnlineNaira to collect money on their website, you too could use OnlineNaira to collect money from your website and doing that would not imply we share any profits with you.

Q. My Profit is late, what do I do?
A - If your profit is late, you must contact Floral at the earliest opportunity. If Floral does not respond to your query, get in touch with OnlineNaira and we will do all to intervene. OnlineNaira's decision shall be final in all such issues.

Q. Is My Investment Protected By OnlineNaira?
A - No. OnlineNaira is not a party to any investment decisions you make and is not in a position to protect your investment with Floral or any other investments you send money to using the OnlineNaira payment gateway. We are not a licensed Investment Adviser and we offer no advice or encourage anyone to go into any investment. If you decide to invest in any program or company, you do so all by yourself and you must take full responsibility for such investments. OnlineNaira will send your money to anyone, anywhere once you have given us the instruction to do so.

Q. What happens If Floral Defaults?
A - In the event that Floral or any other seller defaults, OnlineNaira will do all in its powers to protect its members by immediately suspending the seller so that any monies left in their account could be used to address any refunds where applicable. If your money has been sent to the seller, OnlineNaira cannot recover such monies except the seller sends your money back. If you are unsure or have doubts about an investment program, you should not subscribe to it; if you go into an investment, be sure to read the terms and any guarantees as OnlineNaira cannot take responsibilities for any agreements you have with a 3rd party. See our user agreement for more details.

Q. Will I Get Paid if Floral Defaults?
A. The simple answer is NO. OnlineNaira cannot pay you monies you already sent to a 3rd party. However, if your money has not been sent to Floral, you will get a refund. If you have received some money from Floral in the past, you will not receive any monies from the what is left in floral's account at the time we closed their account.

Q. Do I have to pay Floral with Bitcoins?
A - No. If you are paying from Nigeria, you only need to pay the naira equivalent of your dollar deposit and OnlineNaira does the rest. For instance, if you plan to deposit $50, you will make a naira deposit equivalent to $50 considering the naira/dollar rate above.

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Updated - 23 May 2017.
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