Virtual Visa Card from OnlineNaira
VVC Rate: Buy Card - N365/$ | Withdraw - N-25/$

We offer Prepaid Virtual Visa Card to give users easy access to the funds they have in OnlineNaira and to enable our users to make online purchases by themselves. Our Pay4me service will help in cases where you are unable to use the Virtual Visa Card. There are various solutions which may or may not be available at different times, but we source cards for you so you are able to make payments online anytime you have a need. Our Virtual prepaid Visa cards gives you the ability to make instant, less-restricted online payments. OnlineNaira is the right place to get your own virtual prepaid card.

There are 2 ways to buy to buy Virtual Visa Card from us as follows:

  • To buy a new VVC or top-up we sold to you - please login and click on SEND, choose Virtual Visa Card in the list of payment options. Enter amount to topup and submit. We process all fundings within 5 mins.

  • To get funded by email - please login and click on SEND, choose Pay another OnlineNaira User and enter VirtualVisaCard recipient. enter email to fund and submit.
  • Using the Card
    Online Retailers will usually not ask for the address associated when you use this prepaid card. However, you should be free to use the details on our contact page should a retailer ask for the card billing address. You may use the card on many Internet Sites including Facebook Ads, PayPal, Skrill and to fund or receive earnings on Gambling sites.

    Withdrawing From Card
    OnlineNaira will take/buy any amount you have in your VVC at anytime. To withdraw into OnlineNaira. This service may take a little more than 5mins to complete. It is important to note that we are only able to process withdrawals from cards that we sell to you.

    Card Fee
    To buy the VVC Card, we charge a fee of 6% + NGN500 in addition to the rate quoted above.
    To withdraw from the VVC card into your OnlineNaira account, we do not charge a fee, but apply the following rate - N-25/$


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