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OnlineNaira is the place to successfully sell and profit from your eBook. Our eBook service is affordable, easy to use and arguably the most cost effective way to get your eBook sold. We place your eBook online where it would be seen by millions of potential buyers. We also handle all the Marketing needed to ensure it sells by advertising your eBook on facebook and on all the over 1,000 websites on the MyClickAds network.

Here are the features of our eBook Service:

Payment for your eBook.

Please click on the "Order Now" button below to make payment for your eBook Setup.

We will send you any further instructions as soon as we have received your setup fee.

OnlineNaira Fees

    • We charge 20 % each time anyone buys your eBook using OnlineNaira.
    • We charge a one-off setup fee of $10 to prepare your eBook account with OnlineNaira.

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