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OnlineNaira is an African Payment Gateway & eCuurency Exchanger established in 2011. Our core business activities include taking payments locally and making the same payment available for our users to spend in an online wallet. OnlineNaira services are specifically designed for entities who do business with Africans. It therefore follows that individuals and merchants who do business with Africans irrespective of where their businesses are in the world can use OnlineNaira to receive money from or send money to Africans.

OnlineNaira has the reputation for efficiency and fast delivery of services to our numerous customers at competitive fees. This quality, which we have worked hard to attain and also maintain since inception, has made OnlineNaira the preferred payment gateway for thousands of Africans. Our greatest assets are our highly-skilled personnel and the innovative tools we deploy to meet customer needs. As Africa’s growing payment gateway, OnlineNaira is well-positioned to deliver a wide range of payment services that guarantee huge benefits to its teeming customers and stakeholders.

We specialise in collecting deposits and automated payouts for the Betting, Casino, Lottery, Online Gaming and Forex Markets.

Business Strategy
Our Vision – is to build a responsible, ethical and leading African payment gateway with a strong customer service and commitment to excellence.

Our Mission – is to provide world-class payment solutions anchored on integrity and efficient service delivery that guarantee customer satisfaction across every African country.

Our Brand - is a unique brand in the payment gateway industry. Driven by our unalloyed commitment to setting the pace and providing top-notch services for our customers at affordable fees, we offer some core services that differentiate us from our competitors.

Customer Service
Customer services play a pivotal role in OnlineNaira’s growth aspirations. The business is built on the provision of cost-effective, efficient and timely delivery of services that meet and exceed our users’ expectations by our customer service team. Users are supported in various ways such as logging in to our website, engaging a member of Staff in a live chat or by sending us email. We rely heavily on WhatsApp for internally communication and to reach our customers in a timely manner. Our Services are available for users 24/7.

OnlineNaira has a slightly different approach to work with the result that our members of staff are highly trained to pay attention to customer details and provide the very best customer service. All OnlineNaira staff work from their own homes and this approach to work gives our staff the flexibility to create their own working environment in order to achieve the highest quality of service.  Every member of staff undergoes a 6-month training within which they learn the OnlineNaira culture before they are allowed to access the more secure parts of the OnlineNaira payment gateway. 

Opening an account with us is FREE and there are no credit checks involved. Users sign-up, make a deposit and then start making payments online with the money they have deposited. If there was a time people really needed to pay for goods and services online, but found it impossible because they are Africans, now is the time to join OnlineNaira. After sign-up, you will be able to send money to other users of OnlineNaira, pay bills, pay for goods and services, pay for music downloads and so on. The opportunities are endless.

Sellers stand to benefit the most. Using OnlineNaira to collect money on your website also opens a new market for your online business because you will now be able to sell to other African countries, sell to non-Africans and OnlineNaira will help you to receive your money in a timely manner. The procedure is simple; signup, install our simple API and start receiving money from Africans.

Payment Gateway
Making payments online is usually between two parties. One party has something to sell and another party is looking to buy.  When the buyer agrees to make a payment to the seller, a transaction takes place.  For the seller to get paid or for the buyer to pay through OnlineNaira, one of the parties to the transaction must be an OnlineNaira member. Below are the diverse ways we make payments possible online:

  1. Send Money
    1. Mass Payment – we have the tools to automate the sending of payments to thousands of people in one click.
    2. BankErrand – we can send money you have in OnlineNaira to any other person’s bank account anywhere in Nigeria.
    3. Escrow – we have the tool to hold your money and at the same time assure your provider you have paid so they may supply the service you paid for.
    4. Pay4me – we have the tools and reach to make payments for you anywhere in the world and that includes offline and online payments.
    5. Airtime Recharge – we offer instant airtime recharge to all our customers.
  1. Seller Solutions  
    1. Payment Acceptance – we have the tools to help you receive money from anyone you sell to through Cash, Wire Transfer, Mobile Money, Cards and Local Agents.
    2. Payment Requests – we have the tools to help you inform people who need to pay you and they would send the money through OnlineNaira.
    3. Subscription Payments – we have the tools to help you to take automated payments on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis so you do not need to send reminders.

  2. Partnerships
    1. OnlineNaira Agents - we have a network of agents spread around Nigeria and Africa who earn 10% of all commissions.
    2. Affiliates – We offer Affiliate programs giving 5% of all commissions.

If you are looking for a way to accept money online for what you sell, now you know OnlineNaira offers a solution. Talk to us now.

eCurrency Exchange
OnlineNaira has an interface with all the 3rd party payment gateways listed on our eCurrency page. All we ask is that you give us your naira and we fund your account in these gateways so you could do business through them. If you have money in any of the listed payment gateways, we are able to receive that money to give you local currency in your bank account in Africa. See all the details here -

Contacting us
Our staff are available online to chat 24/7.

OnlineNaira is a service provided by Adesiyan.Com. Adesiyan.Com Limited is registered in Nigeria - RC958536 - 20 Sule Street, Mangoro, Lagos.

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