OnlineNaira with Bitcoins

Bitcoin Sell Rate: N 5 ($1) will fetch you 0.00000000 btc | Buy Rate: 0.00000000btc will fetch you N-5 | Recommended Minimum Transaction - $20

Making a Deposit - To send money or fund your Bitcoin wallet using OnlineNaira, you will first need to make a deposit into OnlineNaira by using either cash or card. Click here for more information on how to fund your OnlineNaira account.

Placing your Bitcoin Order - In order to place your Bitcoin order, login and click on SEND MONEY, choose Bitcoin in the Payment Options and enter the $ amount to fund. Provide your Bitcoin Wallet Address and submit.

Sending Your Bitcoin To us - It is important to ensure you send us btc worth around $ 20 as some of your money will be lost in miner and network fees. If you send an amount of btc that is too small, all of it may be taken by fees and there will be no money to place in your account. As soon as we have received your btc and after 6 confirmations, it would be placed in your OnlineNaira account and you would then be able to withdraw it into your bank account. Pls use any of the following wallets addresses to send us btc:

Crypto Currency Notifications
When you send crypto currency to us, a lot of the platforms you send from do not offer a way for you to add information for OnlineNaira to know the money is your own. As soon as you have sent the money to us, please login into your OnlineNaira account and click on TOOLS and then Crypto Currency, choose currency type, enter transaction id and submit. If you have not received funding for this money in your account after 60mins, please have a chat with a member of staff or send in an email to

Miner Fees
When you ask us to send Bitcoins to a wallet, pls note that in addition to our own fee, there is also a Miner's Fee that varies according to platform used to send. OnlineNaira uses 3 different platforms and you should be able to use any of the three.

Estimate amount of Naira you will get:

Estimate the amount of Bitcoins you will get:


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