Affiliate Earnings

We need you to partner with us to achieve some of the goals we have set out for OnlineNaira going forward. We are looking to increase OnlineNaira membership all the time and our work over the last 8 years has been to keep improving payment features in OnlineNaira so that our capacity keeps increasing to handle more payments simultaneously.

Experience has shown us that we need an ever increasing level of membership in order to bring the best quality bargains to our members. We understand that our costs are proportionately lower with increased membership and that can only mean lower fees for all OnlineNaira members.

We want you to keep inviting your friends and earn some money 5% of all fees we deduct from their transactions!

You Earn More Money
While we totally understand that this may not be for everyone, we also know that you may appreciate small monies just as we do here at OnlineNaira. All we are asking is that you recommend OnlineNaira to a friend and in fact, as many of your friends as possible. In return, we are offering Affiliate Commissions of 10%. This means that you can earn 10% of all Commissions that OnlineNaira earns from anyone you introduce. If you become one of our Agents, you get 10% per referral.

It is important to note that we are not promising you Millions of Naira, but a few Naira here and there that mounts up to be worthwhile with minimal input. Here is a typical scenario in OnlineNaira; if all the people you recommend to OnlineNaira move (deposit, send or withdraw) a total of N50,000 on average within OnlineNaira, you will earn a minimum of N65. If this was done weekly, you will earn N3,380 yearly. This may look small, but what if they do more than this or do this sort of amount several times weekly, your passive income will increase.

I will allow you to do the rest of the calculations, but if this sort of money is too small for you, then our Affiliate Program is not for you.

How do I recommend people?
If you have never told anyone about OnlineNaira, now is the time to do it and you know you will get paid for doing so. It is also important that you use your own referral link to invite people you recommend. You will find your own referral link in your accounts overview page and it will look something like - If you use social media to invite people, please send your affiliate link to them so that OnlineNaira automatically attributes their membership to you for commission purposes. Your reffereal link can also be sent in emails or placed as links on your website.

Your Commissions are usually shown in your Account Overview page and automatically added to your balance. While you are logged into your account, you will be able to manage and see all the people you have invited to join OnlineNaira. Click on Your Downline to manage your Affiliate account.

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